about matt
Hello all! My name is Matt Gibney and I am currently a university student living in Nebraska studying electrical engineering and German language. I am an avid traveler, taking every opportunity I have to board a plane and explore the world. Naturally, my camera comes along with me, helping me capture the beautiful, unexpected, or unique experiences that meet me along the way.

My photoblog is for me to share those experiences with you. Please feel free to look at my photos, leave comments, or visit any of the links below. And if you'd like to contact me by email, I would be happy to hear from you. Enjoy!

my blog: my blog, updated even less often as my photos
my flickr: same photos as here, uploaded to flickr
my twitter: short and random thoughts, thanks to twitter
my flight memory: statistics and log of almost every flight I have taken
my openflights: same as flight memory, different statistics and interface
my old blog: my old high school blog, probably embarrassing now

mattgibney at gmail